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HEMP Helps Depressed Area

We following the principle of fair trade not only on the workers who are produce our products. But also the farmers who grow them.

Hemp is suitable to grow in hilly area or waste land even in saline-alkali soil which no plants can live. It will not scramble for living space with other corps produce food, oil and cotton. The planting of hemp is comparely very easy for it is less in natural enemies, highly resistant to natural disaster and weeds. Hemp can produce stem in one season near the fast-growing woods in one year. Bast outcome near 50% more than cotton.

In the deep of the mountains of MengHai, Xishuangbannan,Yunnan Province China, ethnic minorities like Hani,Lagu, Dai, Bulang and Han are living here for centries. But the Degrade Hilly Land they are living is not suitable for many corps, and their life are not wealthy as other areas even in the same territory. But from year 2004, the industrial hemp was introduced to plant in the area. Peoples lived here finally found a efficiency and easy way to increase their income.

There are six mountain area towns and villages formed "Company-Peasants-Planting Base" alliance. The total area of hemp planting increase to 4500 acres with the production of 1800 tons dry hemp bast. Income of peasants is near 3.2 million USD. Average family net income is near USD550 which is more than twice of their previous income before the hemp planting.

Leading by hemp companies, hemp is not only changing the life style of urban people, but also create jobs for workers in the industries and make positive changing to the depressed area. The ecology of hemp is not limit to the functions of it, which extend to the earth where growing it and the people live on it.

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